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Ranthambore National Park is one of the most popular tiger reserves in India. It is well regarded for its sheer elegance, beauty, and unspoiled nature. Ranthambore safari booking is the best way to have a fascinating wildlife journey. This national park is completely ruled by nature and it consists of a lot of wildlife species. Visit the deep jungle with a Ranthambore safari tour and get a great opportunity for tiger sightings.

The park is well regarded to have a great landscape having deciduous forests, beautiful lakes, water bodies and hills apart from the ancient ruins. It is such a great experience to explore the national park with such great attractions. Book safari booking Ranthambore online safari now to explore hundreds of wild mammals, reptiles and bird species to have a feeling of thrill. 

Book Ranthambore Safari Online

You can book Ranthambore safari booking online within 90 days of your tour. The total safari fee includes jeep safari, entry fee, guide fee, and accommodation in our package. You need to pay canter/jeep safari charges and entry fees. Accommodation is not available inside the national park. But there are plenty of luxury and budget hotels and exotic resorts available for booking. You can simply go for a safari tour and have an overnight stay.

You can avail safari in two shifts – morning and afternoon. The Ranthambore safari booking is available from October to June for the public. One shift lasts up to 3 and a half hours and exit and entry timings are fixed and vary according to season. 

Canter Safari & Gypsy Safari Booing at Ranthambore

The forest department of the Rajasthan government handles safari bookings Ranthambore national park. Only 20 canters and 20 jeeps are allowed in one shift for safari. Jeep has 6 seats and canter have 20 seats in total. A naturalist or guide is compulsory to visit the park. After making full payment of fees including vehicle fees, entry fees, and guide Ranthambore safari official website fees, you can get an entry pass. You can get a some of tickets on tatkal basis Ranthambore safari booking on a first-come, first-serve basis. The safari zones are allocated on the spot and allotted by forest officials randomly.

Both jeep and canters are open from the sides and top and they are modified to provide a complete view of the jungle. All these vehicles are approved by forest departments. The drivers and guides are registered also and they live in nearby communities who are well aware of the jungle. They have worked over there for generations and they know very well about wild animals’ behavior.

Ranthambore National Park receives a huge rush of tourists all year-round. So, you should get Ranthambore safari booking in advance. You may need to fulfill some important paperwork at the entry gate like visitors’ details and naturalist details. 

How to book a half-day safari, full-day safari?

Ranthambore National Park management has recently changed the guidelines and visitors are now allowed to spend more time in the jungles with permits including a limited number of vehicles available for Ranthambore Full Day safari. Visitors have more flexibility with half-day (6 hours) and full-day (12 hours) safaris.

Half-day safari Booking Ranthambore

Visitors can now spend some more time than usual at 3.30 hours in the national park with a half-day safari. They can access the whole park despite the zone limits. You can choose from two options for half-day permits – from sunrise to 12 noon and from 12 noon to sunset (max. 6 hours).

Full-Day safari Booking Ranthambore National Park

Visitors can spend a whole day in the national park. Only 5 jeeps are allowed for full-day safari from sunrise to sunset in the national park. You can have zone-free access to visit the whole park. You can get the most of wildlife tours in the park with this access.

Feel free to visit our website to book jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park. You can book half-day/full-day safari online at least 120 days before the safari. Choose the safari zone while safari booking Ranthambore. Only limited numbers of vehicles are allowed to enter the national park. So, it is advised to book safari online in advance.

Bottom Line - Number of Tigers before Independence

In 1920, there were around 40,000 tigers across India before Independence. Over the past 100 years, the number has been declined to only 2967 in 2020. But the population of Royal Bengal Tigers is still growing in India. In 2006, there were only 1411 tigers in the wilderness of India.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you book at least 90 days before the date of arrival with us to stay assured with safari tickets.

For wildlife sighting, there are up to 6 safari zones which are considered best in Ranthambore. Wildlife sightings depend completely on your luck and movement of animals.
In Ranthambore National Park, the safari timings vary for both winter and summer. Morning safari is available from 6 AM to 9.30 AM during summer and 3.30 PM to 7 PM in the evening. The morning safari timing remains the same during winters but evening safari starts at 2 PM till 6 PM only.
No, you can’t book elephant safaris in Ranthambore National Park.
Yes, you can get special jeep safaris that are available for wildlife photographers but it cost much higher than regular safari.
Yes, Ranthambore tiger safari is completely safe for children and families.

You can book Ranthambore  safari booking online by simply visiting Ranthambore official website. All you need to fill the form with basic details and choose your preferences. Our experts will get back to you with all the important and relevant info about the safari and wildlife experiences in national parks.

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