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Ranthambore Tiger Safari – Hotel List

Tiger Safari Ranthambore is the popular way of sighting the big cats. Every year a large number of tourists visit the reserve to search for the big cats and other enchanting wildlife. The best hotels and resorts are situated near the park. Visitors revel in the luxurious properties and enjoy the wilderness. Hence discover the best Tiger safari Ranthambore  holiday in India full of fun and wild thrills.

Ranthambore National Park 

Situated in Sawai Madhopur District of colorful Rajasthan State of India, Ranthambore is a veritable treasure house of biodiversity. The erstwhile Maharajahs of Jaipur zealously guarded this hunting reserve during their reign in pre-independence period. Today the park is a protected area as Ranthambore National Park and a reserve under the aegis of Project Tiger.

Situated in the lap of Aravalli Hill Ranges the park is a picturesque settings of low rise mountains with dense dry deciduous mixed forests, scenic lakes and water bodies and small grasslands. It is in the water-bodies and grasslands that maximum sightings of tigers in action takes place. During the excursion you can witness a tigress on kill in the waters or embattled with a crocodile for the prey it killed. This is what the filmmakers and lens-men yearn to shoot which makes the reserve very popular all over the World.
The tiger rules supreme besides many wild denizens like its cousin the leopard, marsh crocodile, sloth bear and many species of deer. The dry deciduous forests enchant and enthrall the tourist on tour in the desert state.

Flora and fauna of Ranthambore National Park

Amazing biodiversity greets the tourists on wildlife safari. Besides many species of mammals, the park boasts of over two hundred avian species and many species of reptiles. The floral wealth is impressive as well in this abode of the erstwhile Maharajahs. The enchanting ruins of yesteryear dot the park confines everywhere. Some of the ancient buildings and the Fort accommodated the Royal Patrons on hunts. 

Temples Lakes of Ranthambore National Park

Temples, caves, lakes all speak of history of bygone era. Now the destination is popular among photographers, filmmakers and wildlife enthusiasts and they are regular visitors. Remember for excursions a permit is required and we will help you acquire permits for the best zones. There are ten zones in the park and we know where to organise safaris for you. We also provide naturalist and guide services for locating the big cats and bird watching. We arrange the rides for you on jeep and canter as per your wishes.

Tiger Safari Ranthambore Offering Thses Services

The Ranthambore Tiger Safari  website provides list of hotels and resorts pertaining to various standards. Read about high end resorts and their offerings. Discover luxury in deluxe hotels and find accommodations in budget hotels. There is a write up on the whole range of properties situated at Sawai Madhopur on outskirts of Ranthambore National Park. The Tiger Safari Ranthambore also offers comprehensive information of this popular reserve. Discover wild animals, reptiles and birds!

Among the anceint monuments which you can see on tiger safaris are the fort, Ganesh, Shiva and Ramlalji Temples besides a Jain Temples known as Sumatinath and Sambhavnath.

Services by Tiger Safari Ranthambore 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide other tours of different types all over India. Whether you want to go South, North, North East, or Western side, we can get you covered.

Yes, we provide tour guides who speak the language understandable to you for sightseeing and we have expert drivers and naturalists who have proper knowledge of local attractions. We have different tour guides for different worldwide languages. 

The well-known heritage railway station, Sawai Madhopur is located around 13 km from Ranthambore with 25 hours of drive. This station is well connected to Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai, thanks to direct trains. On your arrival, you can hire a taxi, cab or hop on a local bus to reach Ranthambore.
If you are getting here by road from Jaipur, we suggest you pick the route via Tonk. If you are coming to Ranthambore from Agra, pick the route via Dausa. Ranthambore is located around 280 km from Agra and 180 km from Jaipur.

The national park opens its gate to core zones from October 1 to June 30 for tourists every year and closes from July 1 to September 30 due to monsoon. Ranthambore is basically a desert region. So, expect scorching heat from April to June. So, winter is considered to be the best time to explore the Ranthambore tiger reserve.

In fact, November to February is the best time for bird-watching because a lot of migrating birds fly here during winter. During summers, the temperature soars around 47 degrees Celsius but chances of spotting tigers are also very high because they frequently head towards the lakes and other water bodies to quench their thirst.

Both safari vehicles are modified to provide uninterrupted viewing of wildlife to the passengers. For even closer viewing experience, jeep safari is better than canter but you have to pay more.
However, both vehicles are open from either side and cover the same tracks in the park. But jeeps can easily maneuver and also go on smaller tracks while making less noise. If you are traveling in a large group, you can choose canter safari because it has the capacity of 20 passengers.

Well, both safaris offer the same experience of wildlife viewing and you can enjoy tiger sighting in any safari. Usually, morning has quite better chances of spotting tigers than afternoon safari because tigers don’t come out in extreme heat when the sun is strong. If you are coming in winters, afternoon safari is best because animals prefer to bask in the sun.

There are a total of 10 safari zones in Ranthambore National Park. All these zones provide canter and jeep safari. The route is the same for both vehicles in the form of safari tracks. The forest officials randomly allot the safari zones to canters and jeeps during entry. For tiger sightings, zones 1 to 5 are best because they have a lot of water bodies and lakes where tigers are used to home visit. All the zones have the territories of tigers. So, technically there is no specific good or bad zone.

Ranthambore safari can easily be booked online. We prefer that medium. For doing this, we need Full Name, Postal Address, and ID (driving license, voter ID, Aadhar card, PAN etc.) or Passport (for foreign tourists) of each person traveling including yours. Also provide the details like the shift you want and date of safari. For advance safari booking, you need to pay in full.

Well, it’s up to when you are visiting Ranthambore. If you are coming in winter, carry warm clothes because temperatures go below 2 degrees C. You can carry jackets, sweaters, mufflers, hand gloves etc. Also carry a blanket if you have booked morning safari.
If you are coming in summer, you may carry some cotton clothes to cover your full body with sunglasses, a hat and scarf. For afternoon safari, also carry sunscreens. For evening safari, carry some mosquito repellent spray or cream.

Ranthambore National Park houses over 300 species of migratory and local birds. So, it is truly a heaven for bird watchers. Winter months from October to March are the best for bird watching.

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