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Ranthambore Tiger Safari - Hotel List

Tiger Safari at Ranthambore is the popular way of sighting the big cats. Every year a large number of tourists visit the reserve to search for tigers and other enchanting wildlife. The best hotels and resorts are situated near the park. Visitors revel in the luxurious properties and enjoy the wilderness.

Situated in Sawai Madhopur District of colorful Rajasthan State of India Ranthambore is a veritable treasure house of diversity. The erstwhile Maharajahs of Jaipur zealously guarded this hunting reserve during their reign in pre-independence period. Today the park is a protected area as National Park and a reserve under the aegis of Project Tiger.

The tiger rules supreme besides many wild denizens like its cousin the leopard, marsh crocodile, sloth bear and many species of deer. The dry deciduous forests enchant and enthrall the tourist on tour in the desert state.

Amazing biodiversioty greets the tourists on wildlife safari. Besides many species of mammals, the park boasts of over two hundred avian species and many species of reptiles. The floral wealth is impressive as well in this abode of the erstwhile Maharajahs. The enchanting ruins of yesteryears dot the park confines everywhere, Some of the ancient buildings and the Fort accommodated the Royal Patrons on hunts. Temples, caves, lakes all speak of history of bygone era.

The Ranthambore website provides list of hotels and resorts pertaining to various standards. The website also offers comprehensive information of this popular reserve. Discover Ranthmbhore wild animals, reptiles and birds!

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