Tiger Photography Tour Ranthambore India

Bandhavgarh – Kanha – Tadoba – Ranthambore Tiger Photography Tour

Tour Highlight –  Best organized photographic expedition in company of expert guide well versed in Tiger photography Ranthambore India.


Tiger Photography Tour Ranthambore India

Bandhavgarh and Kanha – Tadoba Ranthambore Tiger Photography are the best tiger habitats in India. The floral and faunal diversity impresses one and all. Since the tiger sightings are very high these are preferred place for photographic expeditions with focus on animals, birds and tigers. These parks are home to many enchanting mammal typical India.

Targeted species for photographing wild animals and birds besides the big cats are the deer family, lesser carnivores, primates, bison and less seen nocturnal animals. The reptiles abound but are nocturnal in nature while birds are in plentiful.

Winter Season Tiger Photography Ranthambore 

The best season for Tiger photography Tour Ranthambore and India  thought out the year. Please leave all holidays out. Winters are the rutting season for most of the animals like Barasingha, Bison and Sambar Deer. Hence the stags are at their handsome best. Migratory ducks visit the park only during winters hence bird photographers interested in these species should visit in winter time.

Summer Season Ranthambore Tiger Photography 

But many wildlife photographers prefer the summers in these the parks. The shortage of water elsewhere draws animals closer to water holes and rivulets in the tiger reserves. Another advantage is the availability of good sunlight for long hours. The photographers have to be well equipped since the terrain is varied – hilly, grassy plains and dense forests. This is the best time to film or photograph birds of Bandhavgarh Kanha Tadoba Ranthambore.Tiger Photography The thinned down canopy offers ample scope for resident bird photography.

Special permission is required for trekking animals on foot and photographing them from the MOEF. Such permissions are usually granted to professional film makers and photographers. Such privileges are very costly hence few prefer it.

mostly photographers prefer full day safari for Tiger Photography tour Ranthambore India

clink on link to know more about Full Day Safari 

Wildlife Photography Equipment

You get a good chance to Tiger photography Ranthambore India tigers on jeep safaris. The open jeeps are equipped with makeshift tripod that works well. The framework also acts as support. A fee has to be paid for professional photographic equipments besides the gate and forest guide fee.

Thirty game drives have been allocated throughout the tour of Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tadoba – Ranthambore Tiger Photography. Our professional guide organizes and conducts the tour such that good photographic opportunities arise. He has keen eyesight and a sensitive ear besides he understands the sounds of the jungle. His trekking skills will help locate hidden animals or those camouflaged in the jungle tapestry. His years of training and acclimatization will reward you with the most successful photography tour Ranthambore and India ever.

Bandhavgarh – Kanha – Tadoba – Ranthambore 

Tiger Photography Tour India itinerary 

When you arrive at Jabalpur airport our representative will escort you to a luxury Ac Car for a drive to Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh National Park is about 4 fours scenic drive through forests, rural settlements and green fields. We reach at the Resort in Bandhavgarh during the lunch time which is much welcome after a long journey. Post lunch relax a bit and the leave for evening tiger safari along with our naturalist.

On each safari a new spectacle unfolds as Bandhavgarh is full of surprises. The astonishing assemblage of bird life, encounter with tigers and wild animals offer you with ample opportunity to film or photograph. Ancient ruins are a unique feature of this paradise, caves, stables, temples, shelters all tumble across as you move across in search of wildlife or birds to photograph. Our naturalist guide is an expert trekker and assists in finding tigers and locating enchanting wildlife of the park.
With his knowledge of the terrain and animal movements our naturalist explores new areas of the park. From the idea of the recent movements he has selected the zones during the booking. As he guides you along the forest roads you will be surprised by his skills. He has immense capability to unearth camouflaged birds and animals with ease. Both the morning and evening safari are an exciting experience of events as you photograph the majestic tigers and animals of the park.
Few days in the park are enough to offer the best photo opportunities. But then a lifetime is not enough for some actions can be encountered once in this wildlife preserve. Some images that you will capture will be instances that would occur once in your life time. What thrills one the most is filming the wild drama that unfolds every moment in this wildlife haven. Our naturalist makes sure that you reach at the most momentous moment to picture a tiger making a kill or wild dogs chasing down and devouring a deer.

Another full day of two exciting game drives is due. In search of surprise we are scoring various areas of the park. Your naturalist mapped instinct helps you discover Bandhavgarh wildlife and birds. The startling landscape may be another subject for your photography skills. Tiger Photography Bandhavgarh has much to offer we will organize a trip to the Fort. The fort lies on a table top mountain called Bandhavgarh it is in ruins but enough artifacts are there to enthrall you. You can photography ancient idols and artifacts besides nature.

By now you have photographed the tigers, birds and the magnificent deer. The two drives are reserved for trekking animals not yet seen. Hence our naturalist guide treks the movements of sloth bear, wild dog, and leopard which ever animal is you target species. The different echo niches deliver a new setting every time you photograph a creature. The changing hues of colors as the sun moves create a panoramic splendor in the back drop of animals and birds that are focused by your lenses.
Post breakfast we drive down to Kanha National Park about 256 km from Bandhavgarh. We stop in way at Ghagua Fossil Park to consume our packed lunch. This is a small park that contains plant fossils. We arrive at Kanha ready for a go at the park. The evening drive is your introduction to what is in store. This magnificent park is large than Bandhavgarh and is home rare Hard Ground Swamp Deer found nowhere else. The park abounds with tigers, leopards, sloth bear, wild dogs, bison and wild boars. The deer species is commonly seen along with wild boars and Hanuman Langurs.
Kanha Biodiversity is amazing on terms both fauna and flora. The element of surprise is hidden deep in the dense forest canopy. From with the clumps of trees and shrubs can emerge a majestic tiger an elusive leopard or a sloth bear. The sudden encounter with wild animals of Kanha is a revealing testimony of nature’s incredible creativity. It is this element of surprise that beckons you again and again. In each of your image excitement and thrill is etched out besides the excellent backdrop of Kanha habitat. Our guides see to it that you spend your time in the park fruitfully availing the right opportunities. His skill sets unravels and he treks animals suing his highly developed power of hearing and sight. The right deduction and the right turn leads to a major success in photographing Kanha wilderness.
Kanha jeep safaris begin early morning at predawn amidst chill and fog. The discomfort is washed away by expectancy of wild encounters. Your eyes are riveted to the surroundings and your ears are fully alert. Exploring forests with our naturalist guide has honed your trekking skills as well. This is a joy of learning and Kanha is an open course of understanding nature at its complex best. This is not a photographic expedition alone but a journey of discovery as well.
This day we will go for the morning drive and try to see more tigers and other creatures. The day time rounds prove excellent for photography as well as sighting due to longer hours of light. After lunch at the resort we will leave for Jaipur and flight back home.
Grass lands of Kanha are as impressive as the looming table top mountains. Through the hurried planes you climb unto the mountains searching for big game. You have to keep your camera on high alter since the animals appear all of a sudden and surprise you. You may have only a moment to click on many instances while at other times you can photograph big cats at ease. This is the way of the jungle, and soon you get acclimatized with all that the tiger reserve has to offer. Understanding the sounds of the jungle is key to locating wild animals and our naturalist is very good at it. Understanding animal habits and movements is another good way of locating them in the maze of dense flora and complex terrain.

By now your camera has stored all that you desired during this day you can score for what is missing. Our naturalist alters the jeep movements cutting across and echo niche in search a particular species. He makes an effort to put you into a good light against the enchanting animals and birds. The naturalist has a major role to play in your nature and Tiger photography India expeditions. Some of the finest moments in wildlife photography arise due expert trekking and understanding movements. Kanha National Park  is a bundle or absolute delights make most of it on jeep safaris and trekking in the periphery. Your expedition yields photographs of not only wild animals and birds but that of its astonishing landscape and the local life. During free time we will be visiting the tribal hamlets to talk to them and understand their culture. They are a vital element of the Kanha ecosystem and sentinels of the wild.

It is with a heavy heart that we leave Kanha Jungles and our new found friends. We drive to Tadoba after a hearty breakfast 350km drive arrive at Tadoba.
Tadoba is situated near Nagpur in Maharashtra State of India and provides with experience of varied diversity and fauna. It differs slightly on this aspect from Central Indian Tiger Reserves hence a new experience for us while tracking for tigers in the wild. Tigers and leopards abound in here and offer us a big chance for photography. We stay overnight at the luxury lodge near the park. Also known as Andhari Tadoba Tiger Reserve (TATR) the reserve is an amalgamation of Andhari River Sanctuary and Tadoba Reserve Forests. The forests have come to limelight in recent times due to high tiger sighting. Other animals seen here are the panther, gaur, barking deer and marsh crocodile.
Post breakfast we drive down to Nagpur to take flight delhi then Jaipur we will reach ranthambore National Park

Our pursuit of the majestic beast never ends while on morning and evening safaris at. All along the drive we witness historical artifacts and structures which add another dimension to the wildlife tour. After having come across the big cats, enchanting animals and bird we are feeling happy. Photographing wildlife in Indian Jungles is as amazing experience which will remain in your memory banks forever.Ranthambore has suddenly reached a pinnacle for tiger tourism. It has come recently in fame for highest tiger sightings in the wild. Hence we enjoy the tigers and leopards of Ranthambore Tiger Photography on morning safari.

Delhi We will enjoy the Morning safari photographing the big cats especially the Bengal Tiger. We will come across many tigers as we score the forests of Ranthambore on morning, Crocodiles are found here in plenty and we will get opportunity to photograph them. After morning safari we will proceed to Jaipur Delhi.

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Tiger Photography Ranthambore India

Bandhavgarh - Kanha – Tadoba – Ranthambore Photography Tour

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